At St Georges we believe that it ‘takes a village to raise a child’, meaning every employee in our learning community has a responsibility to support the development of each and every child that attends our school. 

Our pupils ‘village’ starts small; usually made up from their immediate families. As they grow older their community expands, forming the foundation of their individual identities.

Parents choose wisely when they consider this additional environment change (sending their child to school) but at St Georges our ethos of supporting the ‘whole child’ comes from just that. From cleaning staff to leaders within the school, we all play a vital role in educating our ‘citizens of tomorrow’ to take intelligent risk, to become active learners, develop a natural curiosity and to thrive in their own quest for knowledge. We see our roles in providing children with good mentors, role models, teachers, and professional adults that children feel safe and comfortable to talk to, as a privilege; helping each child to express and explore, push boundaries, expand their horizons, question the world around them, and most of all help them search within themselves to recognise their own talents and potential.

Together with their families we form a circle around them that provides a secure and nurturing environment that sets them on the right path to become life long resilient learners.

Our Teaching Team