I am absolutely delighted to announce that following our recent visit from OFSTED in May the school was awarded ‘Good’ in all areas of the new OFSTED framework.

The school feels the inspection was accurate and fair, OFSTED acknowledged how as a team we consistently set high expectations for all pupils’ achievement and behaviour. As a result Mr Nick Butt, the lead OFSTED inspector said ‘standards have been rapidly rising with each passing year and there is a shared commitment from all staff to do the very best for the pupils’. The new OFSTED framework has raised the bar and expectations even further but the schools ‘unwavering determination’ to achieve a ‘GOOD’ judgement was highlighted in areas for ‘behaviour and safety’ and ‘leadership and management’ with the safeguarding of pupils in our care judged as ‘OUTSTANDING’.

Mr Butt also commented on many other positive aspects of the school success since the last inspection in December 2012 stating that ‘he wished all the schools he visited had the profile of improvement that St. George’s had’ and ‘we should be very proud of our accomplishment’ as the criteria for inspections has become more rigorous since our last inspection. He said ‘the team which is so clearly apparent in this school have obviously worked hard and should be recognised for doing this’.

The school also recently received a letter from Central Bedfordshire’s Children School and Families, congratulating the school on its OFSTED inspection and also commented on how effectively the school had worked to make the rapid improvements needed to secure such a positive outcome, ‘it is clear that the school is working well and benefiting from effective collaborative working’.


You will see in the report OFSTED have given us areas to help us achieve that goal of becoming an outstanding school. The teachers and staff are already working hard towards improving the school for your children even further but we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners and parents for your on-going support. We have valued your contributions over the years, from all our parents that volunteer from listening to readers to coaching our football teams; helping or running school events; attending ‘parent forum’ and speaking with me on the areas of improvement for the school.

All this and more has contributed to us becoming an OFSTED graded ‘GOOD’ school with each and every pupil at our school benefiting from your support. This is an achievement that everyone has played a part in and should take great pride in sharing all the wonderful comments that the report has highlighted.

It is the children, staff, governors and families together that makes St George’s such a fabulous place to work, learn and play and we are thrilled with the outcome from this inspection.

Yours sincerely
Miss M Rawlings