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No Wheels Zone around the school

Cycling on school playgroundCan we remind you that children should not be riding their bikes in or around the school grounds. This enables all pupils, parents and carers to travel to the school in a safe environment and ensure the safety of cyclists whilst in the school parking area.

Some children have been riding their bikes in a very thoughtless and dangerous manner. Bikes and scooters should not be ridden in the school grounds and particular care should be taken near younger children.

When approaching the school area, please dismount from your bicycle, scooter and other wheeled forms of transport and walk to the school entrance.

Thank you for your support.

Illness and Medications in School

Our Illness and Medications Policy sets out in detail how we support children with medical needs.

First Aid

kidssurgery_iconThe majority of our Teaching Assistants and Lunch Time Supervisors has completed a first aid course and are able to administer basic first aid. It is vital that parents let us know of any medical conditions and allergies that their child may have in order for us to provide the best first aid care as possible.


It is our policy to administer only prescribed, oral medicines. School staff cannot take responsibility for the administration of ear and eye drops or any other form of medication. Only medicines prescribed to be taken four times a day will be administered.

Short Term Medication

All prescribed medicines must be handed in by the child’s parent to the school office, where they will be asked to complete a permission form. The parent must then collect medicines from the school office at the end of the day.

Long Term Medication

If a child requires medication for a long term medical conditions (eg asthma or allergies) parents must provide written consent (Long Term Medication Form) and staff who are happy to do so and who have had the appropriate training will administer the medication.

No medication can be administered without a completed

Administration of Medicines Form 

We do not allow children to self-administer medicines such as Calpol or Nurofen. If your child requires pain relief during the day we ask that parents arrange for an adult to come to school at lunchtime and administer it to their child.

Absence through Illness    

If your child is unwell and unable to come to school we ask that for each day of your child’s illness you telephone the school office on 01525 372096 before 8:30am to notify the school of the absence. St Georges Lower School operates a ‘Day to Day Call’ system and will investigate any un-notified absences.

Children should only return to school if they are fit to take part in school activities including playtime. Supervision is not available in the school building during breaks and lunchtimes. Children who have suffered sickness and diarrhoea should not return to school until 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.

Illness at School

If your child feels unwell at school they must tell a member of staff.

If a child is unwell we will contact the emergency contact details we hold, in priority order. Please make sure you notify us of any changes.

If a child is seriously unwell or injured an ambulance will be called immediately and contact will be made with the emergency contact numbers on the child’s file.

If you are contacted by the school to collect your child, they should be collected as a matter of urgency.


The staff and governors are confident that parents share our wish that all children make the most of their skills, talents and opportunities. Regular attendance at school is vital if we are to achieve this aim. Without regular attendance the learning process is disrupted and consequently children do not achieve their full potential.

When a child is absent through illness parents are asked to inform the school during the first day of absence, either by telephone or in writing. Please call the office (01525 372096) before 8:30 a.m. please keep us informed of the progress of the illness and the likely length of absence. If we are not informed of the reason for absence the register is marked as an ‘unauthorised absence’

SAM.jpgWe strongly urge parents/carers to avoid booking holidays during term time as this significantly affects educational progress. The Headteacher can no longer authorise any holidays taken during term time unless it falls into the criteria of ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Unauthorised absence from school is monitored very carefully and if a child’s attendance falls below 95% and fails to improve, then the local authority’s Education Welfare Officer will be notified and legal action may be taken. The school may also take action by restricting external activities, for example one-off trips or sports tournaments etc. This will only be considered if attendance is seen as significantly low and an attendance plan has been implemented in the best interest of the child’s well-being.

Late Arrivals

Classroom doors open at 8.45 am and morning registration closes at 8.55 am. Children arriving after 8.55 am MUST report to reception and your child will be recorded as late. Children who arrive after 9.10 am will receive an unauthorised absence for the morning session, these can lead to a fixed penalty notice from Central Bedfordshire.

Persistent lateness disrupts a child’s education and encourages poor attendance, leading to bad habits that can be hard to break. The school monitors regular lateness and letters are sent to families that have 5 or more lates. If this continues parents/carers are invited in for a meeting with the Pastoral Assistant to discuss the reason. A record of this meeting is kept whether attended or not. If lateness still continues to be an issue the Headteacher will then request a meeting

Holidays During term time

If you take your child out of school for a family holiday without the school’s prior authorisation, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised and noted in your child’s school records. Across Leighton Buzzard all headteacher’s have sign an agreement to up hold this policy, unless the request made falls under the ‘exceptional circumstances’ criteria. If a family has children at two different schools it is best practice for a conversation to take place between the schools before a decision is made and the parents are informed on whether the request will be authorised.

If your child goes on an authorised family holiday, yet fails to return by the agreed date any extra time absent from school will be counted as unauthorised.

If your child fails to return within 10 days of the expected date of return, then the school may remove your child from the school role and notify the council accordingly.

If your child is absent from school on a family holiday or has a track record of absences without authorisation, the school may ask the council to serve a Penalty Notice. This Penalty Notice is a fine of £60 per child per adult which, if not paid within 21 days, rises to £120 per child per adult. If you are issued with a Penalty Notice and you fail to pay it within 28 days you will be prosecuted in court.

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