Feedback from a parent/carers relating to school annual reports : 10th July 2018

We are over the moon to hear our daughter is doing a whole lot better now and has advanced over the last year so much. Thank you to all the teachers for helping to get her focused and keep her on task. We know she is a very smart girl and we do try to answer all her questions at home as best we can.

I am blown away by my daughters report. The comments are amazing, and I am so proud of how well she is doing and what she has achieved. I look forward to a fantastic year 3 report.

Message from a member of our community: 14th September 2017

We would like to congratulate you on your very smart school uniform.  My husband and I  saw two little girls today and were impressed with how very smart they looked.  A uniform does a lot to raise self-esteem but unfortunately a great deal of uniforms just look scruffy! We were not sure if they did go to St. George’s because we thought the children wore red jumpers, so we looked at your website to make sure. We congratulate you on your success in turning St. George’s into a GOOD school. As a retired teacher I know that is not an easy task! So GOLD STARS all round!

Mary Stretton

Message from a parent: 21st July 2017

Dear St.George’s, (Both now and over the past 5 years!)

My husband and I felt that we couldn’t let our last day as parents of a St.George’s pupil pass without comment. It doesn’t seem like two minutes since my parents phoned me to tell me they had found a lovely little school for Eddie and  Elise. They were so impressed with what they saw as was I when I came to look around. From that very first moment the school has been just what we needed as a family. You made Eddie and Elise feel welcome, looked after them both educationally and personally. You have been so much more than a school – you have been a family.

You have taught them both so much more than Maths and English! You have nurtured them, encouraged them, challenged them and rewarded them. You have given them experiences that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. You have taught them to be proud and confident of who they are, by giving them space to be who they are and by celebrating their idiosyncrasies and eccentricities! (You know who I am talking about there!) You have made them believe in themselves when they have felt overshadowed by bigger personalities (again you know who I am talking about there). You have given them the opportunity to take on responsibilities and to shine as leaders.

I am incredibly proud of my children and believe that they are growing up into amazing, hard working, fun-loving, confident young people, sure of who they are and proud of what makes them them! They search out opportunities to be leaders, opportunities to be kind and supportive to others and have a drive to succeed in life. A huge amount of credit for this must go to the ALL the staff at St.George’s – from the Headteacher’s office, to the classrooms, to the kitchens and to Jester’s. To the staff who have been there since they started to those who have touched their lives only briefly but made such a huge impact on them.

I am glad that I will be able to serve St.George’s in the future as a governor and not lose our link with this wonderful school and to watch how you continue to give to other children what you have given to us.

We hope you all have a fantastic summer holiday and wish you all  the best in your new roles or in the same roles.

Helen and Isidro.

I was very impressed with the phonics lesson I saw with all the children engaging really well.  The children were very smartly dressed and the School has the added benefit of a Children’s Centre attached.”                               Andrew Selous – Member of Parliament for SW Bedfordshire.

Parental Responses


testimonialsWhat do you like about St George’s?

  • Great support for children who need it.
  • The atmosphere, how involved and open the teachers are. There is a positivity and excitement that exudes from all, which transfers over to the children. I also love the fact that the class sizes are smaller, providing more focused time for each child.
  • Friendly environment and the teachers are always there to resolve any problems or concerns you have about your children.
  • My child loves the school and they have nice facilities. 
  • My child enjoys coming to school, the teachers we have met seem really enthusiastic and motivated, as well as innovative.
  • Friendly, welcoming staff and lots of classroom pets.
  • Mrs Grant, the reception classroom, the teaching and the support staff.
  • Small school with a happy atmosphere.
  • It’s a nice, small school which we found better, more time is spent with each child. I’m really happy my daughter got into the school, she has made a lot of progress already.
  • That all the children seem happy, my daughter enjoys Mondays and coming back to school after the weekend. The teachers are very informative, letting you know what your child does throughout the day.
  • Very happy environment, staff are fantastic, great school meals, good progress and targets. Very welcoming and class pets.
  • Staff are easy to talk to about any problem I have.
  • I like that St George’s uses a ‘small school’ attitude when teaching classes, ensuring that everyone gets the attention they need. I also like the fact that staff listen when I need to speak with them.
  • The school has made great progress since my child first started. Mrs Ward has my upmost praise, she makes everyday a joy at school and puts in 100%.
  • The ‘family’ feel, every child is valued for who they are, including their individual needs. All staff know ALL of the children well.
  • New children are made to feel welcome, thank you.
  • Classes are not over crowded
  • A warm, welcoming atmosphere as you enter the school on reception, very happy, helpful and kind staff on the front desk. I like the dojo app, I find it very useful and good at keeping track of my daughters progress and what they get up to in class, enjoy looking at the pictures of my daughter in lessons. Her teacher is wonderful too, always gives me lots of information about everything, very kind and friendly. Excellent staff, nice big school and lots of good facilities.

How can we make St George’s better?

  • Keep doing what your doing and keep improving but what we have seen in very positive.
  • I have no idea, till now I like everything!
  • You can’t, it’s great!