Pupil Leadership Team

Head Girl – Julia Kravcova                 Deputy Head Girl – Chioma Egwin
Head Boy – Jacob Fisher                      Deputy Head Boy – Warren Bradbury

House Captains

Buzzards – Morgan Burns            Eagles – Brook Timmins

Hawks –  Zoe Wiewiora                 Falcons – Leandro Goncalves

Our school house system gives our pupils a sense of belonging outside of their class environment, they are awarded Dojo points for skills, attributes and behaviours that support personal growth. Our reward system helps our children from a young age with their understanding of life long learning and that it is not about subject knowledge or grades but about having a positive attitude, resilience, enjoyment, the willingness to persevere and caring relationships. Right from day one children are introduced to the houses and adopt the ethos of ‘Our House, Our Family’. Our Year 4 pupils and school leaders spend curriculum time and dine with the reception children, helping them to settle in, supporting them in school life both in class and on the playground.

Weekly assemblies recognise class, house and individuals for their contributions to school life and personal development.

School Council

Year 4 –

Year 3 –

Year 2 –

Year 1 –

The school council meet regularly to discuss up and coming events. We decide how and when we can hold fund raising activities. We also represent the pupils in the school; our duties include listening to and taking suggestions from the school pupils and taking these ideas to the council. The council will then discuss these ideas with the Headteacher and Assistant Head and decide which ideas can and can not be actioned.

School Council Actions 

The School Council recently helped organise a MacMillan cake sale.  They also visited the care home in St George’s Court.  The event raised a whopping £523.83


Some of the student council went to Natwest Bank in Leighton Buzzard to deposit the MacMillan money along with the £503.16 the children and parents raised for Children in Need.