Skills for learning

Dojo classThis year we want our parents to become much more involved in the classroom learning and as we know it’s not possible for you to join your child for maths each morning we have launch the Class DOJO app! We want to help our children be aware of what good learning looks like and what skills they must develop to get the most out of every experience. Class Dojo will be focusing on building important life skills such Dojo Phoneas the effort a pupil has made on a given activity or how well they participate in group work; it’s not about outcomes but more about how they can gain better results by developing skills that will help them to achieve.
ClassDojo is the easiest way to see your child’s progress using these skills, each small achievement is rewarded a Dojo point and these are collected throughout the year. As a parent/carer you see daily, weekly, monthly and collectively the points your child has been awarded. The chart below shows you what you may typically see if you log into your parent account, Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 18.32.50helping you support their development in areas if needed.

Class Dojo is also a communication tool and our teachers will be sending classroom updates, broadcasting reminders and school information as well as sharing photos through ClassDojo, too!

To log into your account simply request a set up code from your child’s class teacher and click on the link below, a ‘pupil code’ will be issued at the same time and this allows your child to personalise their Dojo character to reflect themselves!



Parent Account Login Link


During this ‘Brain Awareness’ month, Mojo will be helping our learners to understand how their brain works, how mistakes can be a positive thing and how we can exercise our brains to become smarter, stronger and more resilient.

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