Year 4

Welcome to Year 4.  Our class teachers are Mrs Hoare, supported by Mrs Bowman and Mrs Harrison.

This is an exciting time for our Year 4 children as they reach the end of their lower school career. It is a time for exploration, leadership, growth and building resilience as they utilise all they have learnt in previous years to embrace the curriculum and prepare for life at middle school.


The curriculum in Year Four is designed with the ethos to encourage independence and resilience, not just for a term, a year or for transition………. but for life.

Confidence and self-belief are essential requisites for pupils to succeed not only in school but in society today.

Therefore in Year Four we aim to provide pupils with varied opportunities to develop their self-belief, gain in confidence and build up their resilience.

We  also provide opportunities to show children how to use their knowledge across the curriculum to encourage them to be curious about the world around them.

Opportunities to represent the school

Head boy and girl

Only pupils in Year Four can represent the school as Head boy and Girl, with the addition of Deputy Head Boy and Girl this year. These pupils are essentially the face of the school. These pupils take pride in their appearance, have an abundance of enthusiasm, must be organised, and grow in confidence through their roles.

School council

Pupils are encouraged to represent the school through the school council. Here the pupils develop their communication skills amongst adults and their peers. They take part in debates and negotiation: these skills require pupils to communicate effectively, understand the etiquette of persuasive interaction, experience success and disappointment in a well-managed environment. As the eldest children in the school, Year 4 have an important role to play in the school council meetings by being role models for the other members of the council.

Sports Leaders

Our pupils in year four are offered the opportunity to represent the school as Sports ambassadors. The pupils undertake training, learning how to communicate effectively, prepare and oversee a sports festival for the younger pupils within the school.

Our pupils also represent their school at sports ambassador meetings: where their opinions on different sports and activities are debated and discussed across the Lower school consortium.

Opportunities to make a difference


The class runs the yearly Macmillan coffee afternoon. It is a well supported event where the children have the opportunity to act as hosts, serving hot beverages and cakes to parents, carers and friends of the school. The children are very keen to ensure that the amount of money raised increases each year. They promote the event in school and advertise it to parents. They have recently started to create a class magazine which is on sale on the afternoon which has proved to be very popular.


Every class has the chance to perform an assembly to the rest of the school. The Year 4 parents are invited to attend the Year 4 assembly. This gives the opportunity for the children to share what they have been studying. There is a broad range of subjects to cover and so parents might see art work, listen to poems or creative writing, hear pieces of music being performed or songs being sung. The children are involved in the planning process and really enjoy showing the rest of the school how well they are working.

The Year Fours also have a poignant Leavers Assembly. This is a celebration of their time spent at St George’s, focussing on their achievements and their fondest memories. It is definitely something that everybody looks forward to each year.

Younger year groups

Our Pupils are encouraged to work alongside the younger year groups. This enhances their patience, communication and social skills. One way this is encouraged is through a buddy system where the Year 4’s buddy up with a Year R and help them with their reading, writing or art projects.

Opportunities to grow


An extremely important part of the calendar for Year 4 is the annual residential trip. The children get to experience life away from home for a few days. This a positive step towards moving on to their new middle school at the end of the year. Pupils will throw themselves into crate building, rock climbing, zip wires and lots more fun activities all designed to encourage communication, collaboration and resilience.

Every pupil will be encouraged to participate in all the activities to the best of their ability. It is inevitable that pupils will find some of the activities challenging, however, this is the ideal opportunity to try and experience new activites which venture outside their comfort zones. Pupils will return without the fear of failure which often loiters around this age group, with an increased air of achievement and bursting with pride in their own success.


Moving from the familiar surroundings of a much loved lower school to the unfamiliar territory of a much larger middle school can often prove rather daunting. Change and the fear of the unknown can be frightening. However, we endeavour to make the transition as smooth as possible by encouraging the children to talk about, visit and communicate with their new schools.

We encourage the children to discuss their own views and feelings, which enables us as a school to direct and plan our involvement in the transition process effectively.

By the end of the Summer Term, although we are sad to see them leave, we know that we have prepared them for the next stage in their education.