St George's Starting School 2016

We at St George’s are committed to the concept of the whole school community all working together.

Our purpose is to offer quality education for the whole child, providing a wide range of experiences so that all children can achieve. We are a caring school committed to promoting a happy, secure and stimulating environment; so our pupils can develop their full academic, physical, emotional and spiritual potential.

We aim to provide a school environment in which each child is: –

  • Engaged in a personalised learning experience through smaller class sizes
  • Curious and confident to try new things within a nurturing and supportive environment
  • Praised and recognised for their contribution towards their own learning experiences
  • An individual, accessing a curriculum that meets all their needs.
  • Valued and plays an important part in the learning community.

Our principal aim is to help our children develop the attitude, knowledge and skills needed for living in the 21st Century. We want all our children to delight in their own and others achievements.

We endeavour to ensure that all our children feel safe, happy, valued, celebrated, challenged, supported and above all enjoy and thrive in their learning experiences. We promote respect for our environment, respect for one another and respect for ourselves.

We see parents as partners in the education of their children and greatly value their involvement and support at our school.

We welcome you to our school community and look forward to sharing this path in your child’s next great adventure.

Helpful shortcuts:


Class Dojo: Log in and create an account to access this amazing learning platform; supporting your child’s understanding and developing their Skills and Behaviours for learning.


School Pupil Tracker: If you would like to find out more about your child’s progress at school, you can log on to the School Pupil Tracker. You will need your own secure log in details, if you require these please visit the school office.

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