Sports Funding

2501_Sainsbury's School Games Kitemark - Gold 2011-12Since 2013 the government has provided £150 million per annum to fund improvements to the provision of physical education and School Sport (PESS) for all pupils aged 5 – 11 years. This funding is ring-fenced and can only be spent on improving the provision of PE and school sport. However schools do have the freedom to spend the money how they see fit within this remit, the aim is for all children to develop healthy life long attitudes towards healthy life styles.  At St Georges we are fully committed to fulfilling this role.

Sports Funding 2017-2018

At St Georges we are fully committed to fulfilling this role. We have received £3750 so far this year but we will be allocated the extra part of the funding towards the end of the summer term to bring it to a total of £8345.00

During 2017-2018, the funding was used towards:

  • Employing Elite Sports to provide high quality Physical education lessons. Including after school and lunchtime clubs.
  • Subsiding 3 terms of swimming lessons for KS2.
  • Resourcing extensive enrichment activities – after school and lunchtime club provisions.
  • Buying in fruit for KS2.
  • Providing milk to All pupils in the school community.
  • Maintaining our mini bus
  • Continuing to be part of the Leighton – Linslade School Sports Partnership: enabling access to festivals and competitions.
  • 25 hours of curriculum support in Physical Education and School Sport.
  • 3 x 1.5 hours of Whole School Twilight training sessions.
  • 8 hours of Sports Leadership Training.
  • 4 hours of level 1 School Games Competitions for Key Stage 1.
  • 4 hours of level 1 School Games Competitions for Key Stage 2.
  • Access to 14 level 2 School Games Competitions for Key Stage 2
  • Access to 5 Level 2 School Games Competitions for Key Stage 1.
  • Unlimited access to Bikeability Training for Year 4.
  • Transportation (one way) to all school games.
  • Access to 10 CPD Training courses throughout the year.
  • Access to School Games Mark Accreditation.
  • Membership to the Youth Trust.
  • 6 hours of Change for Life training.
  • Links with local sports clubs (7)
  • Gold School Games Mark.
  • Healthy eating targets – menus.

At St Georges we understand the importance of PESS and a healthy life style. This is why we are spending above and beyond the allocated grant available to us. As you will see from our free comprehensive enrichment programme, the staff, children and the whole school benefit from this initiative.

SGLS Sport Premium Impact Report 2016-17

Pupil Sports Premium Funding 2017-18