EYFS – Reception Class

Welcome to Year R (Reception).  Our class teacher is Mrs Grant.


In Year R we aim to provide an environment where children can flourish, grow in confidence, and are prepared for a happy and successful school career. In order to achieve this we focus on developing their social skills, enabling them to work successfully within a group situation, happy to share ideas, take turns and to feel empathy towards others.

Speaking and listening skills play a key role, with children exploring ideas, songs, stories and role play activities, but always with a focus on both listening, understanding and responding. Through short daily sessions we introduce phonics, reading and maths and instil an enjoyment of books.

As their knowledge and understanding increases we develop their mark making skills into more formal writing. Everyday has short, taught sessions leading straight into free choice activities, where the children are encouraged to become independent learners, capable of using their imaginations to carry them on a journey of discovery.

To enable all children to experience a diverse and exciting school life we provide a constantly changing range of activities and resources for them to access. We are fortunate to have a fantastic indoor space, allowing the children ample space to build dens, act out superheroes or paint pictures. Outside we have room for bikes, scooters, climbing frames, playhouses and football; providing every opportunity for the children to develop their physical skills.woods-photo-3

Each day of the week has a special focus, usually linked to the whole week’s theme or book. We have Maths Mondays, focusing either on time, mass, capacity or length. Choosing Tuesdays, encourages the children to try something new. On Wheelie Wednesdays we look either at relevant dates or a part of the world. For example it might be St. George’s Day, Pancake Day or Bonfire night. If no special date occurs that week we look at some part of the world that links to our theme. Thinking Thursdays have a scientific premise with the children trying to work out what will happen if….it could be trying to work out how to get a toy rocket to fly, or trying to work out what will happen when they pour vinegar in red cabbage water! Finish-up Fridays gives all budding actors a chance to act out stories, dress up, sing and dance.

On Thursday Morning we also have a Watch Me Learn session for parents and carers so they can see what the class has been learning that week, homework for the week ahead and Literacy and Maths workshop to help support your child with their learning.


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So why not come along and join the fun?